Several pedestrians were feared dead after an out of control bin lorry crashed into a group of pedestrians in the heart of Glasgow today.


Why all the fuss? Here's 20 reasons Roy Keane may have knocked on Tom Cleverly's door ... 

In the inky trade, ‘man bites dog’ might be the gold standard for what qualifies as a legitimate news story but, in the case of Roy Keane, ‘man rings doorbell’ appears to be more than enough to merit the full shock ’n awe treatment.


My mother was never lighthearted about Christmas. It was an enemy

ON the face of it, I’m all set for Christmas. But not really.


We have forgotten the humble Christmas card. It will soon be doomed

THE letterbox clanks. As is always the case, I gallop downstairs to see what the post brings. This, I think, is a feature of the self-employed. The lack of a buzzing office atmosphere means that the postman’s arrival is a big deal. What will today bring? Maybe I’ve finally won the million euro in the Prize Bonds?



Farage riled by migrant kicking app

A phone app featuring a character called Nicholas Fromage kicking immigrants off the White Cliffs of Dover has been criticised by Ukip leader Nigel Farage.


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