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Ireland faces isolation with Britain as EU border mooted

Ireland could be isolated with Britain in a worst-case no-deal Brexit, with a customs hard border erected in Calais or Rotterdam instead of along the Irish border.


Geophysical survey to start at Sean Ross Abbey Mother and Baby Home's ​burial grounds

The survey is expected to last a number of days. It is understood that the survey is being carried out on foot of information received by the Commission from a member of the public.


Lawyer accuses murder trial witness of lying and being devious

A witness who alleged that a man on trial for murder punched and dragged a 59-year-old man from his apartment was described as devious by a defence lawyer.


Higgins warns of xenophobia and global warming

We are witnessing the return of an “ugly, xenophobic corruption of nationalism” President Michael D Higgins has warned.



The workload keeps on growing at Mother and Baby Homes Commission

The Mother and Baby Homes Commission was set up in 2015 and was due to make its final report next month. There is no end in sight, though, writes $1