Louise O'Neill

Louise O'Neill is the award-winning author of Only Ever Yours, Asking for It, Almost Love and The Surface Breaks, with a reputation for hard-hitting books tackling feminist themes.

LOUISE O'NEILL: Louise O'Neill: 'It was a blinding realisation of my own mortality'

As I write this column, my grandmother has been dead for 10 days. When I wake up every morning since, I feel the need to remind myself of this fact.


LOUISE O'NEILL: 'Go in peace, Granny Murphy. It’s time for you to go home'

Granny Murphy was supposed to be my guest at the Cork Person of the Year awards only two weeks ago. She had her hair done especially, the good outfit picked out.


LOUISE O'NEILL: I spent a long time feeling as if I didn’t fit in in Cork, that I was always on the outside looking in

I am writing this from the Metropole Hotel in Cork, where I was invited to be their writer-in-residence for January, writes Louise O'Neill.


LOUISE O'NEILL: The trials and tribulations of being a millennial in 2019

We all know the clichés about this generation of young people, born between the mid-’80s and late ’90s. They say we are overly sensitive and quick ...


LOUISE O'NEILL: I found the gratitude journal most helpful on the days where nothing had gone according to plan, or when I felt hopeless and despondent

Have you heard of gratitude journals? It’s a diary where you write down everything that you’re grateful for in an attempt to focus your attention on ...